Balanced Spirit

I am having fun making these little spirits and experimenting with clay additions. This little spirit and his stand are made out of recycled porcelain and red earthenware clay.  Continue reading Balanced Spirit


Spirits with organic matter

I am currently looking into ways that my sculptures can incorporate plants, creating a figure that brings nature into the domestic setting. These little hand painted back-packs are the current solution, although I am thinking I will have to scale up the spirits so they can carry more plants!

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Huddles of Spirits

So it is final major time on my degree and I am thinking of display ideas. I am leaning towards groups of spirits as they seem rather sociable creatures and they look too cute huddled together. Below you can see the results of my lost wax glass casting, the little head bowls are made from 100% recycled glass. Continue reading Huddles of Spirits

Soup Plate

Seed Plate

Seed Plate [Texture]


Soup Plate’

Unglazed ceramic earthenware

Experimenting with clay inclusions that burn out during the kiln firing. Soup plate has mixed soup ingredients (including lentils, rice, peas and barley) folded into the clay which I then rolled into a plaster mould. 

Tea Caddy Update: Decoration #1

Tea Caddy #1

Tea Caddy #1



Tea Caddy Update: Decoration #1


For my first batch of tea caddies I have scratched my design into the dry clay and then later I will glaze it (cobalt blue I think…).  This pattern is based on yarrow plants but the other two in the set will take inspiration from hawthorn and wood betony.

Tea Caddy Update: Glaze Tests

Glaze Tests

Glaze Test Bowls


Tea Caddy Update: My tests have come out of the kiln! I have been experimenting with slip, glazes and underglaze for the decoration of my tea caddies. The plan is to give each vessel a design that was inspired its contents. I have the patterns in mind but I am still not sure how I want to apply them. The floral painting (in the second image) is a test run of my hawthorn design.