Balanced Spirit

I am having fun making these little spirits and experimenting with clay additions. This little spirit and his stand are made out of recycled porcelain and red earthenware clay.  Continue reading Balanced Spirit


Spirits with organic matter

I am currently looking into ways that my sculptures can incorporate plants, creating a figure that brings nature into the domestic setting. These little hand painted back-packs are the current solution, although I am thinking I will have to scale up the spirits so they can carry more plants!

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Painting Flowers


Recently, I have been mostly posting my ceramic work but here is a sneaky update on how my paintings are getting along. I originally painted this bunch of flowers on the back of a postcard but I am tempted to mess around with it in Adobe Illustrator and make some ceramic decals.  Continue reading Painting Flowers

Create to Commemorate


Photographs of Everyday Ritual exhibited in the Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro during their Create to Commemorate exhibiton. Everyday Ritual is a collection of slipcast porcelain teacups that have been broken and decorated with gold luster. Through this piece everyday objects, for example teacups, have been explored and the roles the play in day-to-day tasks and routines.

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Create to Commemorate


Photographs of Remains Necklace exhibited in the Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro during their Create to Commemorate exhibiton. Remains Necklace is made from reclaimed porcelain and recycled waste ceramics, transforming unwanted objects into jewellery pieces. The necklace has been decorated with gold luster, playing with the idea of material value.

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Ceramic Cups

Plastic Cup Casts


Ceramic cups from a garage

Plaster Moulds


Plaster moulds 

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Currently I am casting disposable plastic objects in ceramics. Rather than using slip, I am forcing clay into plaster moulds with my hands. This has given me much greater control over the weight and texture of each piece.

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Tea Caddy Update: Decoration #1

Tea Caddy #1

Tea Caddy #1



Tea Caddy Update: Decoration #1


For my first batch of tea caddies I have scratched my design into the dry clay and then later I will glaze it (cobalt blue I think…).  This pattern is based on yarrow plants but the other two in the set will take inspiration from hawthorn and wood betony.