Glass Casting!

I am having a lot of fun making ceramic spirits for my current project and now *get ready for a material swap* I am all prepped to do some lost wax glass casting! When finished, these small glass pieces will hopefully act as accessories to hand-built porcelain ceramic figures.

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Washed Floral Tea Caddies

Tea Caddies Duo

Washed Floral Tea Caddies, 2014 

Carved earthenware with oxide wash and a clear domestic-safe glaze. 

Tea Caddies

Slip Cast


I am creating a collection of tea caddies to hold loose tea leaves. I am planning to make a set of three that will hold dried yarrow, hawthorn and wood betony. I selected these particular infusions because they help to lower cholesterol. As you can see from the photograph I am have made my mould and am currently busy pouring my slip.