Rocky, 2013

‘Rocky‘ Drawing inks 29cm x 21cm  

Lace Experiment

‘Lace Experiment’ Radiogram 14cm x 21cm

Lace Experiment

‘Lace Experiment.’ Radiogram 14cm x 21cm

Untitled, 2013

  ‘Untitled, 2013’ Graphite Print 42cm x 29cm

Green man in thought

‘Green man in thought’ Pen 14cm x 10cm

Origami Unicorn

‘Origami Unicorn’ Paper 12cm x 10cm — — —

The Jelly Fish

‘The Jelly Fish’ Ink  16cm x 17cm — — — I don’t have this painting anymore because I painted it on the back of a envelope and posted it to someone…

Morning Study Two

‘Morning Study Two’ Wax crayons, graphite  42cm x 29cm

Morning Study One

‘Morning Study One’ Non-permanent marker, graphite 42cm x 29cm  — — — After looking at the work of Anna Dorothea Therbusch, I was interested in portraying myself as I really am. In states… Continue reading

Vertical Side Model (2)

‘Vertical Side Model (2)’ Mixed media  84cm x 59cm

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