Spiked Lid Pot

  Spiked lid pot in the making. Fired, unglazed ceramic.

Ceramic Cups

  Ceramic cups from a garage   Plaster moulds  — — — Currently I am casting disposable plastic objects in ceramics. Rather than using slip, I am forcing clay into plaster moulds with my hands. This has… Continue reading

Finished Tea Caddy

Tea caddies, in studio  The tea caddies are all glazed and ready to go! For the main set I opted for an washed finish with a clear domestic-safe glaze.

Creature Project: Mould Making

    I am currently in the mould making stage of my cast glass creature project. I pouring wax into the finished moulds to create wax versions of the plaster. As you can see from… Continue reading

Slip Casting Experiments

  More experiments! -This time I have been testing casting techniques with a clear glaze.    

Tea Caddy Update: Decoration #1

    Tea Caddy Update: Decoration #1   For my first batch of tea caddies I have scratched my design into the dry clay and then later I will glaze it (cobalt blue I… Continue reading

Tea Caddy Update: Glaze Tests

  Tea Caddy Update: My tests have come out of the kiln! I have been experimenting with slip, glazes and underglaze for the decoration of my tea caddies. The plan is to give each… Continue reading

Tea Caddies

  I am creating a collection of tea caddies to hold loose tea leaves. I am planning to make a set of three that will hold dried yarrow, hawthorn and wood betony. I… Continue reading

Bluebell Ink Sketch

‘Bluebell Sketch, 2014’ Drawing Inks 11 x 15cm — — — It is Earth Day today (A day where people celebrate and remember to look after the Earth) so I hope you all had… Continue reading

Daisy, 2013

‘Daisy, 2013’ Oil on mixed media   60 x 60cm

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