Block Tea Caddy Trio

Block Tea Caddy Trio, 2014 Earthenware with decorative slip and a clear domestic-safe glaze.

Fern Ash Glaze Experiments

Fern Ash Glaze, Stoneware- Test #1 Recently I have been experimenting with making a ceramic glaze from natural materials. Currently I am testing ash that I made from Lady Ferns. This glaze has… Continue reading

Underpin Exhibition

‘An Important Thing’ Handbuilt stoneware bowls with domestic glaze (set of 5)  — — — Currently exhibiting work at the Lowe-Holland Gallery, Cornwall as part of their Underpin exhibition. Underpin is a collection of… Continue reading

Trelissick Garden Project

    My next project will be a group exhibition with Contemporary Craft students at Falmouth University. The work will be displayed at Trelissick, a beautiful National Trust garden situated in the outskirts of Truro, Cornwall.… Continue reading

Foam and Ceramic Test

  Ceramic, expanding foam and oil paint 

Ceramic Disposable Cutlery

  Ceramic Disposable Cutlery Ceramic, partially glazed. 

Sand and Pistachio Tests

  Pistachio shells in terracotta clay, fired and unglazed.    High grit sand, fired and unglazed.

Soup Plate

  ‘Soup Plate’ Unglazed ceramic earthenware Experimenting with clay inclusions that burn out during the kiln firing. Soup plate has mixed soup ingredients (including lentils, rice, peas and barley) folded into the clay which I then… Continue reading

Foam Tests

  Tests- Expanding foam with objects 

Painted Ceramic

Unglazed ceramic and oil paint

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