Tests for create to commemorate exhibition

Currently I am in the process of testing how my glazes will react to shards of ready fired ceramics. These ceramics remains were sourced from a mug found in a discard pile at a charity shop, I have since then crushed it into ceramic waste. These tests will go towards my minor projects and hopefully be part of the piece I am exhibiting with The Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro.  Continue reading Tests for create to commemorate exhibition


Glass and Ceramic Pendant

As part of my research into both environmentally sustainable craft and martial associations, I created this test ceramic pendant. The pendant is made from reclaimed porcelain, recycled glass and crushed ceramic waste. The piece was only fired once in an attempt to consume as little energy as possible during this stage of construction.

Continue reading Glass and Ceramic Pendant

Even More Glaze Tests!

The final set of porcelain glaze tests for my current project: including my matt white glaze, runny pearl glaze, glass frit tests and some ceramic waste tests. Overall I am very pleased with the outcomes. My next task is to design the necklace body and think about how I am going to build the final form for the upcoming Create to Commemorate Exhibition with The Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro.  Continue reading Even More Glaze Tests!

Dissertation research: A ceramic waste bowl

An eco-friendly ceramic experiment: wedging the remains of ready-fired ceramic waste into red earthenware to create a ceramic pinch-pot. This process has allowed me to recycle waste into a functional object.  Using a low-firing clay means that less energy has been used in the production of this bowl than if I were to use other clays, such as porcelain.  Continue reading Dissertation research: A ceramic waste bowl

Dissertation research: reclaimed clay

Within the past few weeks I have been learning how to reclaim waste clay. I have been making pinch pots with the results and combining the clay bodies with handmade frit and waste porcelain slip. I am pleased to confirm they have survived their bisque firing and are now ready to be glazed.  Continue reading Dissertation research: reclaimed clay