Porcelain Bowls

Recently, I have been making patterned porcelain bowls and now they are all ready to be glazed. — — —

Fresh Out of the Kiln

I was very pleased when I unloaded the kiln this morning to see that my porcelain tests have emerged successfully. These tests have produced a good range of textures from both the glazes and the… Continue reading

All glazed up and ready to go

I have finished glazing my porcelain tests so now they are all ready for a second firing. I have experimented with different white glazes in this test batch and have included ready-fired ceramic remains as… Continue reading

Tiny Test Bowls

My tiny porcelain test bowls are fresh out of the kiln, I will be using them to test my new glazes in. All exciting stuff! — — —

Little Reclaimed Pots

— — — Recently I have been reclaiming red earthenware clay and turning it into vessels. Photographed, is my first batch of reclaimed ceramic pots all waiting to be glazed. — — —

Finished Glass Tiles

I have finished my glass tiles! The two tests photographed are made using layered glass stringers, powdered glass and thin shards of sheet glass.  —- —- —-

Sheet Glass Test

Experimenting with sheet glass decorations, more photographs to come when they are out of the kiln!

Painting In The Garden

Today I am enjoying the sun and doing some floral oil painting in the garden.

Seaweed Ceramic Glaze

On a beach in North Devon I found some dried ‘Channelled Wrack‘ seaweed. So, on the next warm day I am going to create some seaweed ash and attempt to make a decorative… Continue reading

Washed Floral Tea Caddies

Washed Floral Tea Caddies, 2014  Carved earthenware with oxide wash and a clear domestic-safe glaze. 

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