Mothering Sunday Flowers

Recently, I have been mostly posting my ceramic work but here is a sneaky update on how my paintings are getting along. I painted this bunch of flowers on the back of a… Continue reading

Organic Ceramic Forms 

   These little creatures are made from recycled terracotta and porcelain clay. They still have a few stages left before they are finished, including a glaze firing. 

New Glaze Tests 

Now that ‘Create to Commemmorate’ has drawn to a close I am starting my next exciting project. Today I have been testing out some new porcelain glazes, everything is looking rather yellow!

Create to Commemorate

  Photographs of Everyday Ritual exhibited in the Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro during their Create to Commemorate exhibiton. Everyday Ritual is a collection of slipcast porcelain teacups that have been broken and decorated with… Continue reading

Create to Commemorate

  Photographs of Remains Necklace exhibited in the Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro during their Create to Commemorate exhibiton. Remains Necklace is made from reclaimed porcelain and recycled waste ceramics, transforming unwanted objects into jewellery pieces.… Continue reading

Create to Commemorate Exhibition

I am very excited to be exhibiting my work in both Truro Cathedral and the Royal Cornwall Museum, they are both such wonderful spaces. The event will be running from January 16th –… Continue reading


— — — Currently I am in the process of testing how my glazes will react to shards of ready fired ceramics. These ceramics remains were sourced from a mug found in a… Continue reading

Glass and Ceramic Pendant

— — — I made this ceramic pendant from reclaimed porcelain, recycled glass and crushed ceramic waste. The piece was only fired once in an attempt to consume as little energy as possible… Continue reading

Even More Glaze Tests!

— — — The final set of porcelain glaze tests for my current project: including my matt white glaze, runny pearl glaze, glass frit tests and some ceramic waste tests. Overall I am… Continue reading

Ceramic Waste Bowl

 — — — An eco-friendly ceramic experiment: wedging the remains of ready-fired ceramic waste into red earthenware to create a ceramic pinch-pot. This process has allowed me to recycle waste into a functional object.… Continue reading

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