Foam and Ceramic Test

  Ceramic, expanding foam and oil paint 

Ceramic Disposable Cutlery

  Ceramic Disposable Cutlery Ceramic, partially glazed. 

Sand and Pistachio Tests

  Pistachio shells in terracotta clay, fired and unglazed.    High grit sand, fired and unglazed.

Soup Plate

  ‘Soup Plate’ Unglazed ceramic earthenware Experimenting with clay inclusions that burn out during the kiln firing. Soup plate has mixed soup ingredients (including lentils, rice, peas and barley) folded into the clay which I then… Continue reading

Foam Tests

  Tests- Expanding foam with objects 

Painted Ceramic

Unglazed ceramic and oil paint

Spiked Lid Pot

  Spiked lid pot in the making. Fired, unglazed ceramic.

Ceramic Cups

  Ceramic cups from a garage   Plaster moulds  — — — Currently I am casting disposable plastic objects in ceramics. Rather than using slip, I am forcing clay into plaster moulds with my hands. This has… Continue reading

Squeeze Me

  ‘Squeeze Me’ Ceramic earthenware with glaze  Jar and lid    

Creature Project: Mould Making

    I am currently in the mould making stage of my cast glass creature project. I pouring wax into the finished moulds to create wax versions of the plaster. As you can see from… Continue reading

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