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Check out my Arts Thread portfolio for New Designers 2016, London.

Balanced Spirit

Porcelain, red earthenware and glass

Two Spirits in a Bowl

Hand built recycled porcelain

Spirituum Debate

Porcelain and organic matter

Crowd of Spirits

  Porcelain, gold lustre, glass and organic matter

Spirit with a Glass Bowl

Porcelain, glass and organic matter

Hand Painting Porcelain

   Currently I am painting and glazing my porcelain figures. I am very excited to load them into the kiln and see how they turn out! 

Flora Spirits// Spirituum

   ‘Flora Spirits’, hand built porcelain  I made this set of figures using recycled porcelain and glass, with a non toxic glaze. 

Flowers and Figures 

Exciting stuff guys, my blog has made it to 400 followers! Thank you to everyone who has decided that they want to keep track of my work, it means a lot to me that… Continue reading

Glass Casting!

   For my next project I am getting ready to do some lost wax glass casting. When finished, these small glass pieces will act as accessories to hand-built porcelain ceramic figures.  

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