Glass and Ceramic Pendant

— — — I made this ceramic pendant from reclaimed porcelain, recycled glass and crushed ceramic waste. The piece was only fired once in an attempt to consume as little energy as possible… Continue reading

Even More Glaze Tests!

— — — The final set of porcelain glaze tests for my current project: including my matt white glaze, runny pearl glaze, glass frit tests and some ceramic waste tests. Overall I am… Continue reading

Ceramic Waste Bowl

 — — — An eco-friendly ceramic experiment: wedging the remains of ready-fired ceramic waste into red earthenware to create a ceramic pinch-pot. This process has allowed me to recycle waste into a functional object.… Continue reading

Porcelain Bowls

Recently, I have been making patterned porcelain bowls and now they are all ready to be glazed. — — —

Fresh Out of the Kiln

I was very pleased when I unloaded the kiln this morning to see that my porcelain tests have emerged successfully. These tests have produced a good range of textures from both the glazes and the… Continue reading

All glazed up and ready to go

I have finished glazing my porcelain tests so now they are all ready for a second firing. I have experimented with different white glazes in this test batch and have included ready-fired ceramic remains as… Continue reading

Tiny Test Bowls

My tiny porcelain test bowls are fresh out of the kiln, I will be using them to test my new glazes in. All exciting stuff! — — —

Little Reclaimed Pots

— — — Recently I have been reclaiming red earthenware clay and turning it into vessels. Photographed, is my first batch of reclaimed ceramic pots all waiting to be glazed. — — —

Finished Glass Tiles

I have finished my glass tiles! The two tests photographed are made using layered glass stringers, powdered glass and thin shards of sheet glass.  —- —- —-

Sheet Glass Test

Experimenting with sheet glass decorations, more photographs to come when they are out of the kiln!

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