Earth Day -Bluebell Ink Sketch

    ‘Bluebell Sketch, 2014′ Drawing Inks 11 x 15cm — — — It is Earth Day today (A day where people celebrate and remember to look after the Earth) so I hope you… Continue reading

Daisy, 2013

‘Daisy, 2013′ Oil on mixed media   60 x 60cm

Surprise Portrait

Paraphrase Of Photo – By Per Wägander — — — Recently I received an ink drawing via email and it was a lovely surprise because it is me! This portrait was inspired from my profile… Continue reading

Daisy, 2013

‘Daisy, 2013′ Mixed media on canvas 50cm x 50cm

Untitled, 2013

‘Untitled, 2013′ Mixed media 42cm x 29cm

Untitled, 2013

‘Untitled 2013′ Paper 42cm x 29cm  

The Daisy Flowers, 2013

‘The Daisy Flowers, 2013′ Mixed media on paper 21cm x 30cm

Yellow Birds, 2013.

‘Yellow Birds, 2013′ Pencil, pen and drawing inks 22cm x 16cm

Six Flowers, 2013

— — — ‘Six Flowers, 2013′ Watercolour sticks and biro 40 x 30cm

Sea Beaded, 2013

‘Sea Beaded, 2013′ Glass, glass beads and resin

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